The Movie

2020 Teaser Trailer

Big Stix The Movie (2018 Extended Cut)


Here is what is being said about Big Stix The Movie:

  • That was pure entertainment my friend. You have a brilliant sense of humor, and mad film making skills. Thanks for making and sharing! – DD
  • I’ve been waiting for a documentary like this for years. – LG
  • Henry, you could retire now and your place in the film business would be legendary. – JG
  • A touching tribute, Henry! In fact, I’m going to make a motion at the next NEB that “Big Sticks” be included as a mandatory part the Local 600 orientation program for new inductees – a critical step in protecting our time-honored camera heritage. A crowning achievement. – MM
  • An important and amazing document about a misunderstood and under appreciated tool – SM
  • My favorite film this year. Thx! – JL

Big Stix The Movie is an ongoing effort to support and encourage the use of oversized camera slating tools. Support Big Stix The Movie by using Big Stix on your set and telling others to do the same.

The 2020 Tease Trailer is a compilation of Big Stix all from Hulu’s hit show Castle Rock Season 2.

The 2018 extended cut of Big Stix The Movie includes more Big Stix than ever before!

Keep sending me your Big Stix for future iterations of this valued sub-genre.